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Same Day Teeth

Say goodbye to broken smiles and hello to a radiant new you with CHROME GuidedSMILE. Request a consultation to learn more.

New Teeth in Just One Day

Our state-of-the-art dental implant process ensures that every case is meticulously planned for each patient. Our team of experienced dentists are ready to provide you with a same-day smile that is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Same day teeth

Known by many names such as:

  • All-on-X
  • All-on-4
  • Overdentures
  • Full Arch Implants
  • Hybrid
  • Smile in a Snap

“Same Day Teeth” refers to procedures that replace teeth with dental implant prosthetics in just one day.

No matter what treatment you choose you will leave your surgery day with a new full set of teeth. Most patients leave with a full set of temporary teeth that stay in place, completely avoiding the use of traditional dentures.

We perform fully guided implant surgeries using the patented CHROME GuidedSMILE planning system, for the most predictable and successful approach on the market. With thousands of successful implant cases completed, you can be rest assured that you will taken care of to our Best-in-Class standard.

Smile Makeover

What is CHROME GuidedSMILE?

CHROME GuidedSMILE is a patented surgical guide system designed specifically for full-arch, fully guided implant surgeries. Guided surgery uses advanced imaging technology and software to aid in planning and executing dental implant surgery.

One part of the computer-guided surgical process is the creation of a surgical guide, a tool that helps doctors place dental implants at the correct location, angle, and depth in the bone.

Restore Your Smile

Why choose CHROME GuidedSMILE?

During the planning of your case, we can create a new smile to the exact specifications of the patient. After the healing phase (3 months on average) we will custom order your new smile from the latest bio-compatible materials.

In addition to placing and restoring dental implants, dentists can also provide bone grafting, sinus lifts and many other advanced procedures depending on the patient’s needs and desires.

Dental implants must be placed in a precise way. Factors like implant position, angle, and depth in the jawbone is vitally important. Data has shown implant failure rates to be almost three times higher with hand-guided versus computer guided surgery, with small errors potentially resulting in additional drilling, larger implant holes, and even long-term re-treatment. Computer-guided surgery protocols are simply a more sophisticated, accurate approach to implants.

Much like how a house needs a strong foundation, surgery needs a strong guide to support it. Unlike other surgical guides, which are made of plastic, CHROME guides consist of an extremely durable Cobalt Chrome alloy. This material is over 20 times stronger than surgical plastic and will not flex or break during the dental implant procedure.

Computer-guided surgery is two to three times faster (two to four hours per arch) than hand-guided surgery. All major considerations have been analyzed in advance of surgery, so you get your teeth fast – on the same day. Quicker surgeries often require less anesthesia, and patients often experience less pain and discomfort post-surgery. Healing is accelerated and many people report taking nothing more than basic over the counter medication for a few days.

Exam and Records
Following your initial consultation, your dentist will do an exam, review your medical history, and take a 3D CBCT digital scan, photographs, and impressions of your mouth. These materials are then sent to a CHROME GuidedSMILE lab, where your custom treatment plan and smile will be created.

Day of Surgery
On the day of your surgery, you will need a driver to take you to your dentist’s office and pick you up once the surgery is complete. The surgery can take anywhere from two to four hours per arch, after which you will have a brand-new same-day smile.

Post-Operative Instructions
Your dentist’s office will review all instructions with you, including any special information about caring for your new smile. Following the post-operative instructions as closely as possible can help you heal quickly and comfortably.

Once Healed
Once you are completely healed, your dentist will upgrade your final teeth. This stronger prosthetic will be a better fit for your healed gums and is designed to last.
Periodic Check-ups
You will need to closely follow all home care instructions provided to you by your dentist. Your dentist’s office will also schedule regular professional cleanings to keep your smile healthy.

Same Day Teeth Solutions

Am I a candidate?

When missing or damaged teeth are left untreated, it can result in bone loss, painful chewing, tooth loss, or facial changes. Same-day teeth help patients regain their natural appearance, function, and self-confidence. Schedule a free consultation with your dentist today to determine your eligibility and discuss treatment options.

  • Do you have multiple missing teeth in poor condition?
  • Are you unable to eat certain foods or change the way you chew?
  • Have you been searching for relief from mouth pain and discomfort?
  • Are you struggling with traditional dentures, partials, or bridges?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or anxious in social situations?
  • Have you invested in your teeth over the years with no success?
  • Are you looking for a permanent solution for your dental situation?

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