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Emergency Dentistry

Rapid Relief for Dental Emergencies – Your Comfort is Our Priority!

Prompt Assistance for Dental Emergencies

With our dedicated team of skilled dentists, state-of-the-art facilities, and prompt emergency appointments, we are committed to providing the best and most efficient dental care during your time of need.

Reliable Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly, causing severe pain or trauma like bleeding or dislodged teeth. Prompt professional care is essential for immediate assessment and treatment. 

At Westermeier Martin Dental Care, we are prepared to assist both new and existing patients with timely and effective emergency dental care.

Our experienced team will provide you with the necessary relief and support during moments of oral distress. Trust Westermeier Martin Dental Care to prioritize your oral health and well-being in any emergency situation that arises.

Timely Care and Exceptional Expertise

Managing pain and discomfort is our first line of action, followed by a solution that will keep the problem from arising again! 

*Same-day visits may require patients to travel to one of our three convenient locations based on availability. Please call to schedule your emergency visit!

No one can plan for a dental emergency, so we’re here when you need us most.

Our emergency dentists make time in their schedules to allow for same-day appointments in many cases.*

With three locations and a team of eight skilled dentists, consider Westermeier Martin Dental Care your home for emergency dentistry. Our dentists can help guide you, answer questions, and recommend a clear plan of action for your urgent dental care.

Compassionate Emergency Dentistry

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat

  • Tooth pain or severe toothaches
  • Bonding failure
  • Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth
  • Dislodged or knocked-out teeth

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