Because dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots that are in direct contact with your bone and tissue, it’s important that patients have options when it comes to the materials used for such procedures. Many patients and dentists are now turning to zirconia implants, a non-metal ceramic alternative to the traditional titanium implant.

Zirconia implants come in the form of zirconium oxide, a ceramic with a strong crystal structure. Due to their white color, zirconia implants offer an aesthetic incentive over titanium. They do not stand out against the natural tooth, thus creating a more seamless overall look to a restored smile. Additionally, zirconia dental implants are hypoallergenic, eliminating hurdles that those with sensitivity and allergy issues may encounter.

Zirconia is also an extremely durable and reliable material for dental implants. The stability of the implant in the patient’s mouth is determined by the amount of bone that comes into contact with the implant. Because titanium and zirconia implants have a very similar bone to implant contact, their structural stability is easily comparable.

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