In the United States, we spend a lot of money on health care. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 8 percent of annual household expenses went to health care costs. As consumers, dental patients are increasingly placing more value on the quality of service they are paying for, which has resulted in the rise of luxury dental care. From TVs to occupy patients during their visit to massage exam chairs, the dental experience has come a long way from the one-size-fits-all dental offices of the past.

Increased competition in the healthcare industry has spurred a movement of providers aiming to make dental visits more convenient and comfortable. Amenities like online appointment scheduling are coupled with luxuries that make the overall visit less of a pain. After all, if you’re paying for it you should receive the quality of care that you expect.

These are some of the current trends infiltrating the dental industry:

Virtual Scheduling and Consultation
Gone are the days of waiting on hold while the receptionist checks the appointment book. Now, many dental offices offer convenient online scheduling tools so patients can reserve appointment times that work for their busy schedules. Along the same lines, many dentists offer virtual consultations, where patients can upload a photo, submit details about what kind of work they’d like to have done and receive personalized treatment options.

Holistic Dentistry
An increasing number of dentists are offering holistic dentistry services, which combine a consideration of the mind and body as a whole. Allergies, chemical sensitivities and auto-immune deficiencies are also reasons why a patient may request a holistic approach to their treatment. Holistic dentistry services also include the safe removal of metal fillings, to which some people may develop sensitivities, and the prevention and treatment of bite problems.

Since many patients experience dental anxiety, many offices have taken up swapping out the traditional dentist’s chair for a massage chair or offering massages to patients during their treatment. Creating a spa-like atmosphere is a trend that has been growing for years, but now dental providers are seeing firsthand how spa services make patients more likely to return for regular visits. Patients who keep up with regular visits are less likely to experience dental complications in the future, making it a win-win for both patients and providers.

Once reserved for pediatric dentistry, TVs at the dentist’s office are gaining traction for adults as well. Having a welcome distraction has proven to reduce nervousness and many dental providers now offer individual TVs for each patient to pick a movie of their choosing. This kind of small comfort in the dental chair can mean the difference between a stressful visit and a painless one.

All of the services mentioned are amenities offered by Westermeier Martin, Western New York’s leading dental practice. We aim to make each dental visit convenient, painless and comfortable for all of our patients. Whether you experience dental anxiety, require a holistic approach, or are a busy professional with a tight schedule, our goal is to tailor our services to your specific needs.