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Westermeier Martin Dental Care of East Aurora is a general dental practice that pays attention to the needs and wants of health conscious patients.

Holistic Dentistry

  • We treat our patients as a whole person, considering the mind and body in all aspects of dentistry.
  • We provide safe removal of metal fillings.
  • We work towards preventing bite problems (malocclusion) and treating them when they are present.
  • We consider the biological foundation of tooth decay and gum disease in determining a treatment plan.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Amalgam fillings (often called silver fillings) typically consists of five different metals, with the largest content being mercury.

There are many reasons for amalgam removal.
One is medically diagnosed mercury (or other heavy metal) toxicity – probably the most debated subject in dentistry and medicine. Another reason is to assure the structural integrity of teeth.

Some patients request amalgam removal for cosmetic reasons.

At Westermeier Martin Dental Care of East Aurora, we specialize in safe metal fillings removal.
We’re trained in safe removal of Amalgam metal fillings from patients’ mouths so they’re not exposed to harmful vapors during the removal process.

How do we do this?
We use non-latex rubber dams, high-efficiency air filtration systems, high-volume evacuation, high volumes of water, and precise gross removal of metal.
In addition, we work with physicians who offer chelation therapy, the process of removing metal toxins from the cellular level.

About Amalgam (Metal Fillings)

White fillings

Protocol for post Amalgam Removal

We work with a local physician who provides IV Vitamin C therapy after the removal of amalgam fillings. This Vitamin C therapy serves as a natural aid in protection from Mercury that is absorbed in our body.

Zirconium Dental Implants

Our Zirconium dental implants are made with biocompatible materials that are well received by the body. In this procedure, a tiny zirconium rod is surgically inserted into the jawbone. The implant becomes integrated into, and becomes part of the jawbone over the course of several months following the procedure. This mimics the same solid foundation that natural roots provide natural teeth. The permanent crown material used to top the implant is also made of biocompatible material.

Dental implants provide the restoration of an attractive smile, as well as full function for chewing. The durable materials contained in every dental implant create a surface able to withstand the immense pressures of chewing.

Caring for a dental implant is as easy as caring for natural teeth. Although the implant will not decay as natural teeth can, daily brushing and flossing is still important in order to maintain healthy gum tissue, which serves as a necessary support for both your natural teeth and your dental implants.

Dental implants are convenient and can provide you with dependability and comfort.

Implants diagram

Benefits of Zirconium Dental Implants

  • Zirconium implants are a ceramic, biocompatible solution. This is an excellent option for patients who are concerned about the materials used in their body and support the connection of their oral health to their overall health.
  • Ceramic zirconium implants are white and more natural looking.
  • Zirconium is resistant to plaque and tartar build-up, helping to reduce the risk of gum disease.
Dr Jeffery Martin headshot

Dr. Jeffrey Martin

Member of the Holistic Dental Association

Twenty- five years ago, after struggling with troubling symptoms affecting his life and well-being, Dr. Jeff Martin was diagnosed with Mercury toxicity. Undergoing Mercury Detox Treatment and Chelation Therapy helped him regain his life and vigor. Dr. Martin understands firsthand the impact heavy metals can have on a body and the need for a holistic treatment approach for individuals who need and want it.

Throughout his years of practicing dentistry, many patients, especially medically compromised, suffering with multiple allergies, chemical sensitivities or auto immune deficiencies, have expressed their desire for a holistic approach to their dental work. He’s listened, trained on and provides a wide range of holistic dental services to support total body health, including Safe Amalgam Removal and Metal Free Dentistry.

At Westermeier Martin Dental Care, we know that overall body health is tied to good oral health. We offer a complimentary consultation including a thorough exam and explanation of treatment options.

We look forward to the opportunity to care for you, your family, friends and patients. Please call us for further information.

Dr. Martin and his staff are wonderful. They are friendly, helpful and make you feel comfortable. The facilities are beautiful both inside and out . I’ve never had a bad experience here. Would highly recommend Westermeier Martin to anyone looking for honest , knowledgeable, and kind dentists and dental assistants who treat their patients with compassion and respect. They are honest about dental work and will not rip you off ( unlike the high profile dentist in Amherst that I had previously been to). Westermeier Martin have integrity and class.


The staff are Amazing!!!! They are always so pleasant and patient with each person. There is never a long waiting period to go into a room. Dr. Ehlers is wonderful. I am so glad I made the change from my dentist to Westermeier Martin. Never have I been disappointed with anyone or any procedure I have had done. Very thorough and answers every question. Would highly recommend!!!!!


The staff were welcoming and helpful. Check-in was quick, though patients should have their new patient paperwork completed in advance. Patti and Doctor took enough time to review the situation, run through the potential treatment plans, explain the procedures. They also reviewed options for the timing, costs and potential issues. They were very accommodating in terms of planning for the overall treatment and sensitive to options to spread the cost out to meet budgeting requirements. It was a great initial consultation.

Tak Nobumoto