After stories have circulated alleging the presence of toxic chemicals in commonly used dental floss and allergic reactions to the presence of nut-derived compounds in fluoride varnish, patients can rest assured that the products on the market remain safe.

When it comes to potentially toxic floss, studies have shown that the chemicals in question — PFAS — have been widely used in consumer products for decades.

In fact, extensive research into the matter has not revealed any negative consequences following the use of these flosses, and that includes a recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC also conducted a study in 2017 on whether fluoride treatments had any adverse effects on patients, but found that none had occurred.

That includes consumer speculation that those with pine nut allergies, or nut allergies in general, could have a reaction while receiving a fluoride treatment.

A handful of top fluoride manufacturers have issued statements that assure customers that their products contain no nut-derived ingredients.

The companies explained that they continually monitor and thoroughly assess their products to ensure “highly favorable clinical usage” — which has been shown through its use with millions of patients.

Officials clarified that substances are derived from pine sap, not pine nuts.

“Moreover, from a botanical sense, the pine does not belong to the species that produces true nuts,” said Klaus Peter Hoffman, head of knowledge communication at VOCO GmbH. “Note, the fruits of pines are actually seeds (not nuts) thus, they have no relation to common nuts such as hazelnuts or walnuts.”