Eating Without Teeth – Don’t Try This At Home!

Just because you have lost your teeth and have had difficulty applying dentures, or haven’t had dental implants, doesn’t mean the smell of a home-cooked meal no longer makes your mouth water. The aroma of food still makes it tempting to try and eat without teeth. Who knows, you might even become good at it [...]


What Type of Denture is Right for Me?

Dentures, which replace weak or missing teeth, are removable dental appliances that can behave as either a full or partial set of teeth in one or more areas of your mouth. Whereas conventional types of dentures rest on the gum and may be attached to the natural teeth, implant-supported dentures are attached to a foundation [...]


What are Dentures Made of?

It's been a long time since tooth loss was managed using animal teeth and pieces of bone in their place. George Washington famously sported a set of dentures made from lead, human teeth, cow teeth and elephant ivory. Dentures are custom-made replacements for missing teeth and can be taken out and put back into your mouth. [...]


Denture Cleaning Tips

The purpose of wearing dentures is to enable patients who have lost some or all of their teeth to speak, smile and eat comfortably. These things are only possible, however, if their dentures are snug and well-maintained. Learning how to clean dentures is important to ensuring good daily hygiene and making them last, but occasionally [...]


Understanding Dentures

What are dentures? Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be repeatedly removed and put back into your mouth. While dentures take some getting used to, and will never feel exactly the same as one's natural teeth, today's dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever. There are two main types of dentures: [...]