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Am I at Risk for Gum Disease?

A few decades ago, it was believed that the biggest risk factor for gum (periodontal) disease was aging. Today we know that aging in itself doesn't put you at risk for gum disease, and that other conditions may increase your susceptibility. Luckily, knowing the risk factors and being proactive can keep [...]

Cold Food and Sensitive Teeth

Winter may be upon us, and it’s pretty easy to beat the cold by adding on an extra layer or two of clothing. However, if your teeth are sensitive to the cold, you may want to think twice about having that snowball fight! Even one sip of an cool drink or bite of a cold [...]


Keeping Your Guard Up Against Sports Related Dental Injuries

Over the years, sports participation by youths has grown steadily. It is estimated that 20 to 25 million youths participate in competitive sports. As a result of this growth in participation levels, incidence of injury has also increased. Some have reported sports to account for approximately 36 percent of all unintentional injuries to children and [...]

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Why Does My Child Need Sealants on Their Baby Teeth?

The best way to prevent cavities is to brush each morning and night and floss daily, but sometimes little teeth need some extra help from dental sealants. Sealants are thin plastic coatings that prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck in the grooves of back teeth, helping to avoid cavities. Many parents might think sealants [...]

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The Function of Each Tooth

Teeth help you chew your food to make it easier to digest, and each type of tooth has a slightly different shape for their respective job. They also help make your smile great! The five types of teeth include: Incisors Canines/Cuspids Premolars Molars Third Molars Incisors Often the first adult teeth that grow in after [...]


Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

Throughout your life, you’ve probably heard someone, somewhere say, “My dentist said I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out.” Perhaps even your dentist has said this to you! Oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is a standard practice, and hopefully it’ll be the last time you’ll ever need to have teeth removed! However, [...]

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Dental Probing: What’s the Point?

Have you ever wondered why your dentist pokes your gums? What your dentist is doing is checking the depth of gum tissue pockets that surround your tooth. It's a proactive way to identify your risk for gum disease, and when done regularly, can help catch the condition early. Dental probing can save you from surgery [...]