Your teeth are the unsung heroes of your body. Just think how hard it would be to dig in to your favorite meal without them! That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re taking proper care of them. Aside from good habits and proper oral hygiene, having a great dentist as a part of your team is critical to ensuring that your teeth are at their best for years to come. Here are five signs that your dentist is being the MVP to your oral health.

1: The Office is Clean and Organized
The first sign of a great dentist can be noticed right when you walk into the office. If the office looks dirty or messy, it can be an indication that your dentist’s team does not have the chemistry needed to have an optimally efficient office. This can mean longer wait times, confusion during your checkups, and potential miscommunication, not to mention an unpleasant time in the wait room! Conversely, if the office is clean and organized that probably means your dentist is making every effort to ensure that you have a great experience all the way from when you enter the office to when you leave with your newly polished pearly whites.

2: They Want to Build a Relationship
All too often, doctors and dentists look at patients as just another file in the cabinet. A dentist that goes above and beyond to get to know you will also go above and beyond caring for your health. Next time you visit your dentist, see if they take the time to ask you questions and hear you out. If it seems like they just want you out of the office as quickly as possible, they probably aren’t too interested in building a repour with you.

3: They Are Good Listeners
Walking into the office, especially when something is bothering you, can be a stressful experience. If your dentist is only concerned with their own agenda and schedule, you may not get the chance to ask the right questions. Your dentist should always make sure that if you have any questions or concerns, they provide comprehensive answers that will make you leave the office reassured that your visit was productive and that your apprehensions have been laid to rest. You never know if that little ache that was bothering you a week ago needs further examination, but if you don’t have the time to voice your concerns it may develop into a bigger problem

4: They Educate You
Dentistry can be filled with big words and procedures that take years to fully learn. A good dentist will make sure that you understand what is happening every visit and that you know what steps you need to take until the next one. Spelling out what is happening in layman’s terms can be very helpful to understanding what is going on in your body and will make you confident that your teeth are in the right hands.

5: They Have Exceptional Bedside Manner
Bedside manner can be a make or break factor for a visit. Many people are nervous when they have to have a procedure done, even if it is just a teeth cleaning. Even if you aren’t the nervous type yourself, would you recommend your dentist to a nervous friend? Would you take your child to this office? If the answer is yes, then your dentist probably knows exactly how to handle difficult situations and will take every precaution to treat every patient with great care.

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